Lipo Redux Cell Dys Anti-Cellulite Reducerende Gel-Cream 150g

€ 89,50

Powerful cellulite reducer to treat the orange peel aspect. With thermotherapeutic action, local metabolism is accelerated for potential results. Helps in the firmness of the skin and has a lifting effect.

THIS PRODUCT CAUSES HYPEREMIA. Due to the active ingredients, the gel has a thermogenic effect, causing hyperemia. This locally accelerates the metabolism and enhances the results.

Warning: This product cannot be used by pregnant women.

Ingredients: Bio-Nano Slim Technology®, Actiporine 8G, Slim Nanovector, Centella Stem.

ACTIPORINE 8G: The technologically active ingredient Actiporine 8G is an innovative mechanism that prevents and corrects the appearance of cellulite at all levels, while preventing the storage of new adipocytes.

It firms the skin and provides a lifting effect.

Dermatologically tested product.