Lipo Redux Reduform Gel Abdomen 150g

€ 85,00

Lipo Redux Reduform is a gel that acts on adipose tissue and reduces the most resistant fats in the abdominal area. It reduces size, prevents new storage of fat cells and synergistically combats abdominal flaccidity.

The product is excellent for improving the results of professional treatments but can also be used at home for remodeling the silhouette.

It accelerates the local metabolism causing the skin to become slightly hyperemic and heated.

Powerful gel to reduce localized fat, mainly in the abdominal area. Remodeling the sillhouette with the thermotherapeutic trigger while accelerating local metabolism for potential results.


Warning: This product cannot be used by pregnant women.

Combined powerful ingredients provide results. The gel is of a light texture and has a fast absorption Active Ingredients: Intenslim®, Xantalgosil®, Centella Stems, Rhodofiltrat Palmaria.